Liam Young (b.1995) is an award-winning filmmaker based in Dudley, West Midlands.

Young explores ideas of working-class Black country people through the medium of short films and promos. Known for his use of colloquial humour, in films like “Car Boots Chris”, Young draws on childhood experiences in most of his work.

His most notable film, “Pub Kid”, aired on BBC4 in 2021 and drew upon stories from his own youth. A narrated visual poem which tackles the lingering effect of pub culture on the young, “Pub Kid” is an artistic delve into a world not built for children, where their voices are not heard, and their need for escape is restricted. “Pub Kid” was shot in Young’s hometown pub and used family and friends as extras.

Young has won multiple awards for “Pub Kid” worldwide, and has been nominated for 4 Royal Television Society awards, one of which he won for his documentary, “The Ketchup Conspiracy”.

Liam is currently working on a new short film, “Smokey Rooms and Minor Keys”, it is scheduled to release in 2023.