What happens when your local playground becomes your local pub?

Pie-eyed parents, lairy locals and awkward situations for a child in an adult world.

Pub Kid is yet again spending his school night in the pub. His parents are getting lairy with the other locals and Pub Kid clearly doesn’t want to be there. 
As Pub Kid explores the pub, he encounters multiple different people and situations that are extremely awkward.

Meanwhile, an elderly local is observing from the bar and talking to the audience about what Pub Kid is probably thinking, all whilst reflecting on his own youth.



(RTS Award Nominee 2019 - Comedy and Entertainment)
(RTS Award Nominee 2019 - Craft: Writing)

Chris is a car boot enthusiast, both  seller and buyer. A film crew have been invited to follow him around the car boot sale he goes to every weekend.
Chris knows everyone there and claims that he’s the best “car booter” in the country.

He briefly mentions a new guy called lucas and how he’s coming up the ranks but he doesn’t compare to Car Boot Chris.

In fact, Chris reckons he’s trying to be him.


(RTS Award Winner 2017 - Comedy and Entertainment)

We embark on the one unanswered question that still troubles all of humanity to this day.

Should tomato ketchup be kept in the fridge or the cupboard?


Two young people are drawn together when they meet during their usual ritual of going to the launderette.

As they glance at eachother more and more the tension builds and Freya starts showing off some of her lingerie. Eventually, Freya thinks it’s time for him to show her some of his wears.

Sadly, the dream they worked so hard to maintain doesn’t work out too well for Ethan.